The Cliff List: InAPPropriate Comedy

inappropriate comedyAfter putting it off for longer than I’d meant to I started The Cliff List tonight with InAPPropriate Comedy.

It can be loosely called a comedy movie, as it’s just a bunch of racist and offensive sketches with no actual comedy involved.

There wasn’t really a lot I could say about the movie while it was on because it was so horrible. It wasn’t even horrible in way that I could laugh at it. It had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Here are my tweets I managed to type through the disgust from what can best be described as the longest hour and a twenty minutes of my life.

I can quite honestly say that InAPPropriate Comedy is the worst thing I’ve ever had the misfortune to see. I cannot in any way recommend you waste your time watching it and I’d go as far as to say that if you know anyone who actually enjoyed this movie then you should question why they’re in your life at all.

The Cliff List

Every year a group of friends and I take part in a fantasy football (soccer) league where winning is not the goal of the league. The goal of the league is to avoid finishing last.

There are a small number of of us involved in this league and before the season begins we each add ten movies to a master list. These are not movies of resounding quality.

Then at the end of the football season those lucky souls who have avoided last place boil that master list down into a terrible pot of concentrated evil of 20 movies and the last place finisher is made to watch them all before the new season begins.

Last year we made our leagues loser write a recap of his experience as he watched each movie, while we all laughed at his misfortune.

This year they all get to laugh at me. In public no less. Rather than keep the recaps to ourselves we’re sharing the experience live on twitter.

If you’d like to follow along with my despair you can follow me on twitter @chrishamilton or follow the whole ugly conversation using the hashtag #TheCliffList. I’m probably going to share those twitter sessions here on the blog too.

For those interested, the list takes its name from one of our friends who has despicable taste in movies.

The final list of movies for this year is below. It’s unlikely that I’ll be watching them in any kind of order, so I’ve just added them in the order they were gleefully sent to me.

The Cliff List

  1. Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie
  2. Spice World the Movie
  3. Diana
  4. The Grace of Monaco
  5. Sex Lives of the Potato Men
  6. Postal
  7. Double Dragon
  8. Alone in the Dark
  9. Mortal Kombat
  10. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
  11. Jack and Jill
  12. The Love Guru
  13. American Hotbabes
  14. InAPPropriate Comedy
  15. Hannah Montana the Movie
  16. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  17. Sex and the City
  18. Fat Slags
  19. Gooby
  20. BloodRayne

I think I’m going to start watching them this week, though I’m going to need to stock up on various types of booze to get me through this list first.

Pray for me.

Image credit: @cfcunofficial